The Allocation of 1250mhz Frequency Band
Time : 2024-03-01

1250MHz is one of the popular bands in frequency allocation, benefit from its capability of long signal transmission, low attenuation comparing to mmWave band etc.


There are two main applications of this band.

1.  Satellite communication: In the 1250MHz frequency band, it is mainly used for communication between satellites and ground stations.

Satellite communications can achieve wide-area coverage, have the advantages of long signal transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability, so they are widely used in television broadcasting, mobile communications, satellite broadcasting and other fields.


2.  Navigation system: In the 1250MHz frequency band, it is mainly used for the L2 frequency band of the Global Satellite Positioning System (GNSS).

GNSS is a navigation system based on satellite positioning. Through the signals transmitted by satellites, it can achieve precise positioning and tracking of ground targets. GNSS is widely used in transportation, aerospace, ship navigation, geological exploration and other fields.

1250MHz Frequency Band